Still Waters Run Deep Guided Meditation CD

Guided Meditations to help you reach your highest potential

2 CD set  Purchase for Only $30


1. Higher Self Meditation

Connecting to your Higher Self will help you be in tune with your path in life and everything that follows. As you connect to your Higher Self you will find your life moving more smoothly. You will make better decisions, feel like you are living in a state of Grace with life flowing. Increase your connection to the divine.

2. Forgiveness Meditation

Forgiveness is about setting yourself free – releasing the past so you can continue to move forward. We all have someone we need to forgive and sometimes that is our self. Meditation bypasses the part of your brain that won’t let things go. Forgiving in a meditative state frees you.

3. Visualization Meditation

Reframing traumatic events can be the final step in letting go so you can move forward in life. Use this meditation to guide you through visualizing a new outcome.

4. Balancing Meditation

In this day of multi-tasking and getting more things done than is seemingly possible, taking even 5 minutes to decompress and slowdown can make your life calmer. Use this quick meditation at lunch or before a meeting to refresh and resolve.

5. Chakra Clearing Meditation

Clearing your Chakra’s on a regular basis will keep life in flow. Blocked Chakras cause you to feel stuck and unable to accomplish what you want.

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