Reiki I Preparation

Reiki I Preparation

Preparing for the Workshop

Before attending the first degree workshop there are a few basic things you should do in preparation. These guidelines will enable you to get the most from the workshop and the Initiation ceremony.

  • Avoid taking alcohol or any other form of drug for at least forty-eight hours before the workshop. These substances slow and hinder the flow of Reiki throughout the body.
  • Avoid eating meat, fish, processed foods or any other junk food for at least twenty-four hours. If possible have a day of fresh fruit, salad and vegetables. The digestion of food takes more energy than any other bodily function. Proteins and highly processed foods take more time to digest and will steal vital energy from your body.
  • If possible meditate each day for a week before attending the workshop. This will help to focus your thoughts, expectations and mind on becoming a Reiki channel for healing.

The Morning of the Workshop

  • Get up earlier than normal so you have plenty of time to prepare for the day ahead. You will then have time to relax and not become rushed or stressed.
  • If possible take a walk or a gentle jog to energize your system.
  • Avoid tea or coffee. However, naturally caffeine free herbal tea is fine.
  • Eat only fruit for breakfast. You will have more energy for the workshop.
  • Mentally prepare yourself with a short meditation.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. The stress of being late can upset your day and your enjoyment.
  • Come to the workshop with an open mind body and spirit. You will get out only what you put into the workshop.