Reiki Level III Master/Teacher Training – Mastering the Art of Reiki

Reiki Level III Master/Teacher Training – Mastering the Art of Reiki
(a 12-week mentoring program)
Offered only 2 times per year

Begins Saturday, January 21, 2017
10 am – 1 pm
Ends Saturday, April 8, 2016
10 am – 1 pm
Glenwood Springs
Limited to only 6 students
Pre-registration required by January 14, 2017

Master the Art of Reiki with Reiki Level III Master/Teacher Training, a mentoring program customized for you.

Level III Training is done with permission only and you must demonstrate proficiency as a level II practitioner to be admitted to the program. If you have completed training in Reiki I & II and wish to continue, call Claire at 303.525.6893 or email. See the list of required proficiencies here.

The word master in Japanese actually means teacher. Thus the Master/Teacher certification. Mastering anything takes many years of practice and even then, do we ever truly master anything. Dr Usui worked with his students for 10 years before he felt they were ready to work on their own. In the spirit of mentoring the way Dr. Usui did, the Reiki Level III Master/Teacher Training is a mentoring program customized for each person’s specific needs. It is designed to build confidence in your practice and teaching skills and impart the ability to pass attunements with ease prior to teaching on your own.

Level III Reiki is the Master/Teacher’s degree. This degree empowers you to pass attunements to others and further increases your ability to connect to healing energy, increasing the degree of healing exponentially. A Reiki Master can effectively help a person to heal their body mind and spirit in as little as 15 minutes.

As a Reiki three student, you learn the Master symbol and how to attune others using the sacred symbols. Reiki Shares and Reiki Circle has become a habit by now. You probably can’t even imagine missing a week without Reiki, let alone two. By now you are probably sending Reiki to everyone you know and manifesting the life you want to live. It has become a way of life.

You will practice drawing Sacred symbols, treatments and attunements during the 2 weeks in between meetings and we will address your specific needs and concerns at each meeting. You will demonstrate proficiency in your treatments, submitting in writing at least 10 “soap notes” (form provided) regarding treatments performed. You will have attuned at least 5 people prior to receiving your certification. Opportunities to co-teach and attune students will be provided during your 12-week mentorship. Dates and times will be coordinated to your schedule. You will feel comfortable marketing your services to the public. Receive customizable teaching materials that you can brand for all 3 levels including manuals, music, and meditations, including the heart opening meditation that I use prior to all attunements and with all mentoring students.

The mentorship begins and ends with a half-day group training. Bi-weekly mentoring (in person or through Zoom chat) is provided for a period of 12 weeks in between. You will receive a Master/Teacher Certification upon completion.

During the third degree, Master/Teacher you will have received a third attunement, which once again increases the energy that flows exponentially. Treatments take less time and are more powerful.

Not everyone continues on the Third Level of Reiki. Most who do are interested in teaching it, but not all. Some simply want the added flow that the third attunement provides and the knowledge of the Master Symbol. My Reiki master waited 10 years before attuning and teaching Reiki. One the other hand, I waited 20 years before receiving my level II Reiki but only 6 months before choosing to go on to become a Reiki Master. Being a teacher at heart I knew that I wanted to empower others to a higher level of self-care and the possibility of transformation in all areas of their life.

After having worked with Claire since 2011 towards my Reiki Master certificate, I can say that not only is she an amazing teacher, but also a dear friend. Her patience, love and kindness are present at every turn and I felt like I got the personalized attention I needed. While practicing and learning more about Reiki through the years, it is exciting to have arrived at the highest level of achievement. Although it feels like just the beginning! I have a more centered and grounded perspective on life and as a Christian I love how Reiki just enhances and deepens who you really are. It has helped me to dive deeper in my faith and meditation. I use my Reiki all the time, with my patients at the hospital, my family and for myself.  – Cari Lausier, Sonographer, St. Mary’s Hospital & Photographer, Blossoms Photography

In Reiki Level III Master/Teacher Training You Will Learn:

  • The traditional and non-traditional Master Symbol
  • Draw and activate 3 additional non-traditional symbols
  • Practice the microcosmic orbit to enhance energy flow
  • How to use the sacred symbols to attune others to Universal Energy
  • About Chakra pairs and how to use them in Reiki treatments
  • Reiju, self empowerment technique
  • Practice attunements on your fellow companions in the class
  • Receive training materials for Level I through Level III (including the Heart Opening Guided Meditation)
    to use for your students

ONLY $749

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Register for all 3 levels for only 1147 ($100 savings, paid in full in advance)
Or, make 3 monthly payments of $430 ($1290 – Paid in full 2 weeks prior to end of class)

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