Profound Journaling, is it for you?

Profound Journaling – Is it for you?

Profound Journaling, it’s not for everyone so I have to ask.

Have you ever

…been hurt by another person? Either physically or emotionally?
…lost a loved one?
…gotten a divorce?
…had suicidal thoughts?
…just felt sad for no understandable reason?
…been molested, sexually assaulted or otherwise treated like a sexual object?
…felt lost after your kids left home?

Do you feel as though

…you want more creativity in your life?
…you lost your joy for life?
…you just want more, but don’t know what that is?
…you are in an unfulfilled relationship?
…you need a new direction in life?
…you are angry or stressed all the time?
…you hate your job?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will benefit from Profound Journaling.

Would you like to change that?

What’s it worth to you to find what you are missing?
What is it costing you not to be the best and happiest you possible?

What is Profound Journaling?

I’ve been journaling for over 30 years, but Profound Journaling is much deeper than writing to Dear Diary and using it to vent or write your memoirs. Profound Journaling actually connects you to your old stories (the ones that keep you stuck in your muck). It goes past the brain and connects you to your Higher Self, God, the Universe so that you actually connect to the one story that is keeping your from being your best, happiest, authentic and most inspired self. The story that keeps you saying “I’m not important”, “My voice doesn’t matter”, “I’m not worth it”, “I’ll never make enough…”. Whatever it is that is holding you back. The Profound Journaling process starts by connecting you to that story, then helps you release it, forgive yourself and others, and actually change [reframe] the ending so you can become the joyful, authentic and inspired person you were born to be.

What ‘Story’ is holding you back?

Whether you want more in your life, or are dealing with grief, loss, or anger, getting in touch with the story and releasing it will lead you to the joy filled, inspired life that you deserve and were meant to live.

Profound Journaling connects you to your story from your higher self, teaches you how to release it, then you can live life inspired once and for all.

What do you think is your story? Is it one that goes round and round in your head? Or is it yet to be discovered.

Experience Reiki while meditating

Reiki connects you to Self. Whether you get a full treatment or receive the Reiki energy while you are meditating or even long distance, the on-going connection to higher self will bring you a sense of peace, relaxation and spiritual connection like no other. During the meditation process you will experience the Reiki energy as I pass it on to you, which will help you go deeper within your story and help you release your old patterns.

Essential Oils can connect you to your Higher Self

Essential oils have natural properties that help you release grief, loss, anger, and other emotional pain and connect you to spirit so you can accept all the beauty and joy that life offers. They also have profound effects on the natural healing of our bodies by creating homeostasis and balance in our bodies. We will use essential oils before each meditation and throughout the day as needed to connect you to your higher self and release any emotional or even physical pain.

Tired of Being Stuck in Your Muck?

You don’t want to miss this!
An Intimate 2.5-Day All Inclusive Journaling Retreat
at Avalanche Ranch
October 10 – 12
Avalanche Ranch, Carbondale, CO

Imagine 2.5 days and 3 nights spent with 5 other amazing women – journaling, meditating and receiving Reiki (energy healing). What could be more profound? I for one am so excited to share this time with 6 amazing women.
Add to that the beautiful Avalanche Ranch nestled just outside of Carbondale, CO in the Rocky Mountains with its healing natural hot springs, lots of time for connection and natural organic food, and you have a combination not to be missed.
This all-inclusive 2.5-day intimate journaling retreat is being offered at
only $995 for the first 6 people to register (by September 5).
Limited to only 6 participants 
This amazing 2.5-day 3-night retreat will sell out so register now.
Late Registration $1195 (September 6 or later)
Based on double or triple occupancy (invite a friend to share your room)

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Profound Journaling Retreat

Not quite ready for the Intimate Retreat?

Join us for a Profound Journaling Workshop

Saturday, September 27

9:30 am – 5 pm

Third Street Center, Calaway Room
520 S. Third St.,  Carbondale

$150 Early Registration (paid by September 10)
$200 Late Registration (September 11 or later)
Pre-registration is required by September 24th
Call now! Claire O’Leary 303.525.6893 or email

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Profound Journaling

Looking for just a taste?

Check out our free and low cost intro classes
“The Art of Journaling”  FREE at the Red Brick in Aspen, Colorado
“The Art of Profound Journaling” $35 at the Red Brick in Aspen, Colorado
Call The Red Brick to reserve your place 970.429.2777