Free Intro to Profound Journaling Classes

Whether you are a veteran at journaling or a newbie, journaling classes can be both fun and intriguing. These intro classes will give you a taste of Profound Journaling.

The Art of “Profound Journaling”

Tuesday, September 9, 9:00 am – Noon
The Red Brick
110 E. Hallam Street, Aspen

Journaling has been used throughout the ages not only as the written word but as an art form and a means to get in touch with those deep mysteries within. Through meditation and art journaling, you will get in touch with your higher state of being and journal from that space. You’ll be amazed at the depth of things you get in touch with and the creativity that comes from that state of being.

“I really enjoyed your workshop!  My journaling “skills” were at the “Dear Diary” level and now I am profoundly connecting to feelings, emotions, thoughts – not linearly, but organically. I loved using the magazine pictures to “capture” what I wasn’t really able to articulate with straight writing. I found the workshop incredibly creative, insightful, inspirational and personally moving.”  Ardis Hoffman, Chief Inspiration Officer, MasterMinds4Wellness.

Do you feel as though you want something more in your life?
You’re happy but it seems like something’s missing – you just don’t know what it is.
Do you feel stuck, unheard or lost?
Do you find yourself angry or frustrated?
Have you ever suffered a loss, trauma or wound?

The Profound Journal Writing Classes & workshops will help you identify and release the old stories (the ones that are keeping you ‘stuck in your muck’ and allow you to be the authentic person you are ready to be. Through deep journaling, meditation and other techniques, you will release blocks and shift your patterns. Begin to feel more joy in your life as you live authentically and speak your truth.

Releasing your story through journaling is a profound journey. If you feel stuck, unheard or lost (in your kids, marriage or job), this workshop is for you. Begin to live your life in joy, truth and inspiration.

The Profound Journal Writing Classes & Workshops combine creative healing techniques including guided meditation, music, movement, expressive writing, & art along with aromatherapy and Reiki. You will go home with tools to continue on your empowered journey.

I felt the opening of my spirit and my journaling re-awakened. The desires of my heart were brought to the surface and I loved seeing the breakthroughs in others.” LC – Workshop Participant

What story is keeping you from your greatest joy?

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