What is an Inspired Life?

It’s different for everyone.

For me it’s living in Joy and feeling passionate about what I do every day! It’s like living in a state of grace. It’s a life connected to my Higher Self. The ideas flow, and I pay attention. I take action on those ideas …actually make them happen. The real question is what does an inspired life look like for you? What does it feel like?
An inspired life touches all aspects of your life. Your relationships, your work life, your health, your spiritual and emotional life. Wow, we have all those lives? Yes, and more.

So how are all those areas of your life flowing?

Do you feel joyful in all aspects of your life?

If not you might benefit from using the Higher Self meditation that I’m offering on line now…
There are of course many other ways of connecting to your Higher Self and living a conscious life. In fact there are probably as many ways to get there as there are ways of living your life inspired.

Ask yourself where you feel happy and inspired, and where you do not.

Most of us have at least some areas of our life that could use a better connection to our Higher Self. I personally like to meditate on a specific question and connect to my Higher Self before I go to sleep at night. I usually wake up with the answer when I awaken in the morning.
I’ve noticed that when I’m really connected and living consciously my body is pain free. But when I’m ignoring things, I notice lots of aches and pains. Most often I notice that when I’m following my true path my hips feel great but when I wander, my arthritis flares up, my hips tighten up and sometimes I’m in great pain. Reconnecting and following my purpose seems to make the pain disappear. After all, the hips are the part of the body that support us in our life direction.

Reiki treatments can help physical, emotional and spiritual well being

A Reiki treatment will relax you and put you in a state of mind that will allow you to reach your Higher Self. It will also help your body to heal itself not only from physical dis-ease but also from emotional stresses like anger, sadness and grief. It can help release stress which is the underlying cause of so many diseases today. Reiki really supports physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

Profound Journaling will release your blocks and shift your patterns

Another way of connecting to your Higher Self would be journaling or journaling classes. Journaling, especially deep or what I call Profound Journaling, is a great way to reach those areas of emotional pain from childhood to adulthood. Once you can really touch them, feel them and release them, your mental, emotional and physical body can be positively affected. A quiet state of mind is imperative for connecting to you higher self and living a joyful life.

Essential oils can connect you to you Higher Self

There are even essential oils that help you to connect to your Higher Self, and put you in a relaxed state of mind so life can flow and you can feel joyful and inspired.

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