Reiki Level II Training – Beyond Self-care

Reiki Level II Training – Beyond Self-care

(Level II certification course)
Saturday, October 7 , 2017
10 am – 5 pm
1607 Grand Ave, Suite 22, Glenwood Springs
Limited to only 6 students
Pre-registration required by October 2, 2017

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Moving from self-care to a Level II practitioner will exponentially increase the universal energy that comes through as you channel the energy. You’ll find using the sacred symbols will help focus your energy and the treatments you give yourself and offer others will be greatly enhanced.

Become a professional Reiki practitioner while exploring your path to self discovery, personal development, and spiritual enlightenment. Exponentially increase the energy flowing through your heart and hands and become an even more powerful healer.
Learn to use sacred symbols to focus the healing energy and how to use them to manifest your dreams. Discover which sacred symbols to use for mental, emotional and physical healing and even those that transcend time and space to perform long distance healing. We’ll also create a Reiki Box so you can quickly help many others at the same time. And a manifestation grid to accelerate your dreams and goals.
A Reiki II practitioner is considered a professional and can provide services to the public for a fee. Reiki II focuses on emotional, mental and karmic healing for the person who receives it.

After having worked with Claire since 2011 towards my Reiki Master certificate, I can say that not only is she an amazing teacher, but also a dear friend. Her patience, love and kindness are present at every turn and I felt like I got the personalized attention I needed. While practicing and learning more about Reiki through the years, it is exciting to have arrived at the highest level of achievement. Although it feels like just the beginning! I have a more centered and grounded perspective on life and as a Christian I love how Reiki just enhances and deepens who you really are. It has helped me to dive deeper in my faith and meditation. I use my Reiki all the time, with my patients at the hospital, my family and for myself.  – Cari Lausier, Sonographer, St. Mary’s Hospital & Photographer, Blossoms Photography


As a Level Two practitioner, you are attuned a second time, which exponentially increases the energy that flows through the heart and hands, making you an even more powerful healer. You will learn to draw some of the Reiki sacred symbols, how to do a manifestation grid using the symbols and how to do long distance healing. You will learn which symbols to use for emotional, physical, and even those that transcend time and space.

A second period of adjustment, usually on an emotional level, is common and should be expected after the second attunement. Be prepared for the roller coaster ride. You will probably start doing new things; or at least be attracted to new things, activities, foods, friends, you name it. Changes are almost guaranteed with this second attunement. After all, the energy is really flowing now, and your heart is even more open. Daily self-healing is recommended and practice on 2 or 3 others weekly will increase the flow of energy and your confidence in healing. Reiki Shares and Reiki Circle are available for free practice.

$279 (includes 60+ page manual)

If you prefer to pay by check, contact Claire at 303.525.6893

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