Essential Oil Classes

Essential Oil classes & workshops

Essential Oil Classes

We offer FREE essential oil classes monthly to educate you on essential oil use for your family’s wellness.

Natural Solutions for Your Health & Wellness

Co-Hosted by Connie Turner & Claire O’Leary

Saturday, March 12
2 pm – 4 pm

Become empowered with the tools to take charge of your family’s health this year! It’s never been more important.

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You will learn:

  • History of Essential Oils
  • Benefits of using Essential Oils
  • Simple Solutions for Healthy Living
  • Where and Why to Apply Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
  • The Fundamentals of a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Using Essential Oils to Help Prevent Illness
  • Using Essential Oils to Restore Health
  • Prepare for Life’s Little Emergencies
  • How to Save 25% and More on Essential Oils and Live Well products

PLUS: Receive a FREE Health Scan!

Using the Zyto Compass which employs bio-communication we will measure the physiological response of your body to various stimuli and determine essential oil recommendations. The scan only takes a few minutes and the results are really interesting and accurate.

The Zyto scan assesses signatures from various substances through your body’s electrical conductivity, measured via your skin in the hand cradle. The computer then gives you a ranking of essential oil recommendations with the highest to lowest priority for balancing your personal immediate concerns. Often, one or two essential oils or oil blends have the critical constituents to balance most of your health concerns!

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If you would like to host a class in the privacy of your own home or office and receive a free gift, please contact me by e-mail or 303.525.6893.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Claire O’Leary is a Reiki Master and gifted energy healer who offers a number of hands on healing treatments including Reiki attunementschakra cleansing and balancing treatments. Claire offers energy treatments to clients in the Roaring Fork Valley including residents of New Castle,  Carbondale, Basalt  & Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

In addition to energy healing, Claire is also a gifted instructor. If you are ready to learn Reiki, she is a Reiki Master trainer as well as an essential oil wellness advocate and instructor.   Click here now to keep abreast of Claire’s upcoming energy healing Reiki classes or essential oil classes.


If you are interested in meeting with an essential oil wellness advocate and finding out more about essential oil products and their benefits to your health connect with Claire today!
Claire serves  residents in the Roaring Fork Valley communities of Rifle, Silt, New Castle, Carbondale, Basalt, Glenwood Springs & Aspen Colorado.

 To connect with Essential Oil Consultant & Essential Oils Class instructor, Claire O’Leary today, call 303.525.6893 or email.