Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Everyday Healing & Preventative Measure…

Are you ready for a natural solution to your health concerns? Learn how to use powerful natural essential oils for better health, vitality and emotional wellness.

Essential Oil Quality

There are 3 categories of Essential Oils

  • Aromatic Oils
  • Pure Aromatic Essential Oils
  • Independently Tested Therapeutic and Food Grade Essential oils

Aromatic Oils

Aromatic oils applies to many oils marketed for strictly for their aromatic properties. These essential oils are widely used in products for their aromatic value. It’s important to know that these essential oils are not therapeutic grade and should not be used topically or internally, as they are not for medicinal use. These oils are usually synthetic and may be harmful to the body and have no therapeutic value.

Pure Aromatic Essential Oils

Pure Aromatic grade essential oils provide quality essential oils that are for topical and aromatic use only. Care should be taken when purchasing these oils as they are sometimes diluted with synthetic chemicals or other additives. They can be purchased online and locally at health food stores. Read the labels carefully.

Independently Tested Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

This category of essential oils is tested at independent laboratories with tests such as chromatography and mass spectrometry to verify their purity and composition. Oils that meet rigorous testing requirements may be considered safe by the FDA not only for aromatic and topical application, but also for internal use.

Never use any essential oil internally that is not “generally recognized as safe” for dietary consumption by the FDA and also consult with a health care professional. Only the highest quality essential oils should be used for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Look for a “GRAS” (generally recognized as safe) label on the bottle before using any essential oil internally.

Essential Oil Wellness Advocate

As a wellness advocate, I only use Therapeutic Grade essential oils that have been tested at independent laboratories for purity and composition. Many (but not all) can be used internally. They are clearly marked on the bottle as A (aromatic), T (topical), or I (internal). Always read the label carefully to be sure of the appropriate usage.

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