Energy Healing

Feel Better in a Holistic Natural Way…

Imagine being more relaxed, in tune and happy. A Reiki treatment will bring your body into a state of balance and greater feeling of energy while feeling relaxed. You will feel a heightened sense of well being and joy in your life.

Energy Healing

Laying on of hands on the human body to comfort and relieve pain is instinctive. When experiencing pain, the first thing most people do is put their hands on it. When a child is hurt he/she wants his/her mother to kiss it. This is a natural reaction based on the idea that each of us is capable of healing ourselves.

Energy healing whether it is Reiki or other form of energy healing is based on this premise. As a healing practitioner, I first open my heart and connect to my spirit guides and universal energy so that the energy coming through my hands is as pure as possible. Energy healing works on the mental, emotional and physical bodies to create a state of balance and homeostasis.

Though I generally set an intention for the healing with my client, I always clarify that it is for the highest good of all. It ‘s important to understand that healing energy is its own entity, that I am merely a conduit. The healing energy will go where it needs to. It is best to have an open mind about the results

Sometimes clearing the chakras will allow new opportunities to come to you. At times you could feel worse before you feel better. It is all part of the process and could just be an opportunity to heal a deep wound.

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