Chakra Cleansing

Meridian | Chakra Cleansing and Balancing

Energy flow can be subject to disruption which may cause the Chakras (the energy centers in the body and beyond) to become depleted or out of balance. Falls or other sharp jarring like whiplash can lead to the energy centers being out of alignment and flow.  Just as you may visit a Chiropractor after a fall or accident, it could be helpful to receive Reiki or Chakra balancing as well.

Claire’s chakra/meridian healing practice is based on clearing and balancing the meridians and chakras, which allows Qi (Universal Energy) to flow more freely through the body. Chakras also work in pairs, so it is important when balancing to also balance the paired Chakra.

Following a short conversation to see if there are any pressing issues, and setting an intention, Claire will begin clearing the meridians and chakras.

Chakra cleansing, balancing & chakra healing treatmentsAs I do this, I tune into the body, and “feel” areas that are blocked. Quite often I will then see and feel an energy vortex swirling around blocked areas. When blocks are cleared in the meridians, I focus on the chakras and a similar process takes place. I follow my intuition to the areas that most need attention, so it is a unique experience for each person.” —Claire O’Leary

Some clients feel electrical surges throughout the body, or see images during a treatment, most find it very releasing and stabilizing. The healing frequently continues after the session, sometimes for days, or even longer.

“I got a lot of messages about my healing space, my life and just stuff I was hanging on to that I had no idea about until you poked it. You may not have been able to tell me specifically, but with us both listening and working I got what I needed. So if your clients can be open to listening, they should have an amazing experience.” —Leanne Holitza, Clairvoyant

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Reiki and energy healing in general, complement other forms of healing, including modern medicine.

Clear Heart Healing Arts cannot make any promise as to the healing effects of treatments and attunements, or claim that they will heal any specific condition. Clients should always continue to seek and follow their doctor’s recommendations.

If you are currently being treated for a condition by a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist or other health professional, please do not discontinue any treatment or medication, without his or her approval.

Claire O’Leary is a Reiki Master and gifted energy healer who offers a number of hands on healing treatments including Reiki attunements and chakra healing and chakra cleansing and balancing treatments. Claire offers energy treatments to clients in the Roaring Fork Valley including residents of New Castle,  Carbondale, Basalt  & Glenwood Springs, Colorado.