Benefits of  Reiki

Reiki energy will raise your vibration and help your body heal itself.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life force energy. Reiki is an ancient healing art that has been around since before there were written records. Mikao Usui discovered the traditional method in the 1800’s. It is said to be the same method by which Jesus and Buddha practiced healing. What separates Reiki from other energy healing techniques is that the gift of healing is passed from Master (or teacher) to the student using sacred symbols to open the flow of energy. This opening, or “attunement” is similar to turning on a light switch. As the symbols are passed through the heart center the clearing allows the energy to pass through and can do no harm.

Benefits of Reiki

Channeling energy (or Laying on of hands on the human body) to comfort and relieve pain is a very natural thing to do, and we are all born with this gift, but because these skills are not reinforced in most homes during childhood, we “forget” how to do it. When experiencing pain, the first thing most people do is put their hands on it. When a child is hurt he/she wants his/her mother to kiss it or heal it. This is a natural reaction based on the principle that each of us is capable of healing ourselves.Once we receive the attunement and are taught some basic hand positions and general information, we are ready to begin healing ourselves and others.

“Healing, like forgiveness, is a gradual process. Give yourself all the time you need… and play some good music while you’re at it. Music is a big part of the healing process.”  —Stephanie Sarkis

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In a Reiki healing session, universal energy (i.e., reiki) in the form of chi (Japanese: ki) is channeled to the practitioner thru the crown chakra, it then circulates through the heart chakra and out his or her hands and into the client. This allows for self-healing and a state of equilibrium. The “healer” is actually just a channel for healing energy.

The client may experience feelings of heat, cold, vibration or tingling from the hands of the practitioner. A Reiki treatment is usually done on a massage table, but may also be done seated in a chair or wherever the circumstances dictate. A Reiki treatment is generally performed fully clothed and often includes touching, but touching actually isn’t necessary.

Reiki Energy Healing TreatmentsSome Benefits of Reiki

  • Feel at peace
  • Feel more joy
  • Feel less stress
  • Be free of pain
  • Feel more energized and excited about life
  • Learn to heal your own body
  • Have improved physical and emotional health
  • Have a more complete sense of Self
  • Be more intuitive
  • Have a deeper spiritual awareness
  • See or sense auras, and energy

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Reiki and energy healing in general complement other forms of healing, including modern medicine.

Clear Heart Healing Arts cannot make any promise as to the healing effects of treatments and attunements, or claim that they will heal any specific condition. Clients should always continue to seek and follow their doctor’s recommendations. If you are currently being treated for a condition by a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist or other health professional, please do not discontinue any treatment or medication without his or her approval.

Claire O’Leary is a Reiki Master and gifted energy healer that offers a number of hands on healing treatments including Reiki attunements and chakra cleansing and balancing treatments. Claire offers energy treatments to clients in the Roaring Fork Valley including residents of New Castle,  Carbondale, Aspen, Basalt  & Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Remote treatments are also available.

In addition to energy healing, Claire is also a gifted instructor. If you are ready to learn Reiki, she is a Reiki Master trainer as well as an essential oils consultant and instructor.   Click here now to keep abreast of Claire’s upcoming Reiki classes or essential oil classes.

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