Claire O’Leary

Claire O’Leary provides a safe haven for women to release anger, resentment and negative self-talk that comes from old wounds which shortens their emotional healing journey.

She guides them in regaining self-confidence and inner power. They learn to express themselves more clearly and easily, without shame or blame.

Claire combines eastern traditions with all she has learned through her own healing journey to empower women to find their authentic voice and create the joyful, passionate and inspired life they truly desire.

A Reiki Master and your guide to inner wisdom, Claire O’Leary offers Reiki and AromaReiki treatments and classes, From wounds to Wisdom Playshops and mentoring. She also speaks at various events locally and beyond about “Moving Through Old Wounds to Wisdom“.

Her proprietary technique, Reclaiming Pandora’s Wisdom, guides women through the pain of old trauma to transcend old wounds, re-open their heart, awaken their authentic voice and discover their innate wisdom to create the joyful, passionate and inspired life they truly desire.

Founder of Clear Heart Healing Arts and From Wounds to Wisdom, Claire uses the guided meditation and other practices to open women’s hearts (even a little more) so they can feel more joy, speak their truth and live life …inspired.

I believe the more your heart is open, the greater the gifts you will receive. An open heart helps connect you to divine energy, your life flows, and you feel more joy, passion and inspiration than you ever imagined. You are able to live your life in true abundance.

I’ve noticed that when my heart is open, especially high heart which is connected to the crown chakra and thus to the Divine energy I receive divine guidance. Ideas come and, as long as I am open to receive them and act on them, life flows. 

It’s my purpose to help open the heart of every person I touch.” Claire

Claire’s experience is as extensive as it is impressive. She currently offers Reiki treatments and Level I, II and III Reiki classes, Chakra & Meridian clearing, Essential Oil therapy. As a Wellness Advocate, Claire enjoys sharing her knowledge with others through personalized consultations and Free Essential Oil Classes. She hosts the Sacred Circle of Wise Women, a small group of women who share their wisdom and continue to raise their consciousness through daily practice. Claire’s vision is to Guide Women to Open Their Heart so they can Live Life …Inspired. 

Claire cultivates her love of movement by practicing Qi Gong, Nia and belly dancing. Claire believes, “as with any movement, these practices can open and balance the Chakras.”

Claire and Clear Heart Healing Arts are currently based in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Contact Claire for a private treatment at 303.525.6893 or by e-mail.

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